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What To Do When Your Tractor Is Not Running Properly

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No matter how small or large a tractor you have, when it is not working, there are things you can't get done. Calling a tractor repair service to get the tractor fixed is often your best option, and for large machines, finding one that will come to you to make the repairs could be crucial.

Tractor Breakdowns

Farm tractors often need some service that is done on the farm by the owner, but sometimes something goes wrong that you can't fix yourself, and you need to call a farm tractor service. As tractors become more modernized, the computer-controlled and emissions equipment on the machines are making it hard for the average person to diagnose and repair their equipment. 

Many times the only solution is to call the local dealer for your tractor and talk to them about what is happening with the machine to try and get some idea of what is wrong. While they may be able to talk you through a few checks over the phone, you may need to have a tech from the dealership come out and diagnose the issue for you.

Sometimes the problem is obvious, but you don't have the equipment to fix the tractor. A tire that is damaged, for instance, is most likely going to mean taking the tire and wheel to the shop, but on a very large tractor, you may need the tractor service tech to come to the farm just to get the tire off the machine.

The alternative is to hire a truck and trailer to haul the tractor to the dealership or tractor service shop near you to have the work done. While this is an expensive option, if you do not have any other way to fix the machine, the cost of it sitting idle could be higher than the cost of hauling it in for repair.

Tractor Service

Your tractor needs regular service, just like your car or truck. The oil and filters need to be changed from time to time, the air filters need to be maintained, and the machine needs to be greased to keep everything moving freely. 

There are tractor service companies that can come and maintain all the equipment on your farm if you need them, or you can buy the filters and oil to do the work yourself in your shop at the farm. Check with your local dealer to see if they have the filters that you will need if you are going to handle your own tractor service or order what you need to get your shop stocked up.