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Why Cedar Lumber Is A Good Type Of Wood For Farm Use

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Cedar lumber is a good building material to use around your farm. You can use it for a variety of purposes such as building a storage shed, tractor carport, or even a chicken coop. Although it costs more than pressure-treated lumber, if you buy the lumber in bulk and construct the building yourself, you'll save on costs. Here are some reasons that cedar is such a good building material for outdoor projects.

Cedar Is Non-Toxic

Cedar has oils in it that repel insects, and it has a unique aroma, but it is not toxic. You may not want to use cedar shavings or chips inside your chicken coop or rabbit hutch due to the respiratory irritation they may cause. However, using cedar for exterior siding doesn't harm animals or humans. Compared to pressure-treated lumber which is another common building material, cedar lumber doesn't contain pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.

Cedar Is Hard And Durable

Cedar is a hard wood, so it resists buckling, scratching, and cracking when it is used as siding, roofing, and flooring. It resists water damage too, so it is an ideal material for outdoor use. The oils in it repel damaging insects, so the cedar won't be won't be destroyed by termites. Because it is durable and hard, cedar holds its shape for years even in humid outdoor conditions. You won't have to worry about sagging and other problems that occur with inferior types of wood.

Cedar Is Attractive

While an attractive appearance may not be all that important for a tractor shed, you may want your chicken coop or backyard shed to look cute. Cedar holds paint well with off-the-shelf brands, so you can paint it any color combination you want. If you want it to look more natural, you can stain it instead. The stain protects the wood from UV fading so it stays looking fresh as new. If you prefer a totally natural look, you don't have to paint or stain the cedar. Instead, just let it age naturally and turn a silver color. All options are attractive and work well with all types of outdoor building projects.

If you enjoy woodworking and building things around your farm, then cedar is a good choice of wood to work with. It also stores well since it resists rotting and insect damage. You can stock up on it when it's on sale and use it throughout the coming months when you're ready to tackle a new project. Contact a company, like Liese  Lumber Co Inc ,  for more help.