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How Do You Get Water To Hard-To-Reach Places?

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There are many uses for water on an active farm or ranch. Often, the problem is how to get the water to the place where it is needed, especially if that place (or places) always require guaranteed water delivery but not all the time. Enter the need for polyethylene pipes which can be coiled up, transported, and then unrolled to get water where it is needed.

How Do You Get Pipe Where It Is Needed?

The simplest way to lay down pipe is to just unroll it from the water source to the place of need. The unrolling piece is the tricky part. Just laying the pipe flat on the ground and unrolling it can risk damage to the pipe since the roll is heavy and presses on the pipe.

The ideal way to lay the polyethylene pipe without damage is to have it on a spool and then unspool the pipe—this keeps the pipe off the ground and is much less unwieldy. Of course, spools are not light; the spool needs to be moved to allow it to be unrolled where and when it is needed.

Enter the polyethylene pipe trailer. A trailer can mount the spool so it can be pulled by a motorized vehicle to the needed location and then unrolled.

What Limits Trailer Size?

There are many trailer sizes to pull the amount of pipe that you need. Often, the trailer size is not the limiting factor. Because of the nature of "on demand" pipe usage, there often is not a direct or easy way to get the pipe from the source to the area needing irrigation. Because of this, a large vehicle can't be used to pull the pipe trailer, instead relying upon ATVs or other small, motorized vehicles to pull the trailer. Examples where an ATV must be used, and hence, a smaller trailer and spool, include rice fields where the pipe must go over levees without damaging them or similar crops that are grown in elevated areas, such as tea, almonds, etc.

If you are pulling pipe over flat ground or paved roads, then you aren't limited by the pulling vehicle. For these situations, you can get trailer sizes that go from small pull-behinds for single reels to large trailers that can transport multiple reels.

Polyethylene pipe is a very useful way to get water to hard-to-reach places or for a short period of time. Using a poly pipe trailer, you can quickly roll it back up and store it until it is needed again. If you would like to learn more, contact companies that sell poly pipe trailers online.