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2 Ways To Ensure The Success Of Your Hydroponic Growing System

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A hydroponic growing system allows for more versatile growing opportunities, as with a hydro grow system, you can literally grow plants from anywhere, not just from a perfectly fertile field. However, when it comes to setting up a hydroponic grow system that results in thriving plants, there are specific steps you can take to ensure your system succeeds.

It Is All About the water

With a hydroponic grow system, it is really all about the water. Before you start to worry about setting your system up, you need to test the quality of the water. You will want to know what the pH levels of the water are so that you will know what will grow best in the water or how you will have to adjust the pH levels of the water to grow what you want. It is common to change the pH of the water throughout a plant's growth cycle, so you need to know what you are working with to get the best results.

You also need to know what the EC levels of the water are, which measures the number of dissolved salts that are naturally in the water. The ED levels will impact how nutrients get to your plants, so you need to measure them and know how to adjust them.

Additionally, water temperature matters, so you need to set your system up so that you can keep the water within the right range for your plants. A successful hydroponic system is as much about understanding and adjusting for the water as anything else.

Create a Fertigation System

With a hydroponic system, the plants are not going to get the nutrients from the soil. So you are going to need to introduce the nutrients that the plants need directly into the system. You can do that with a fertigation system, which is basically an irrigation system that, instead of releasing water, is designed to release fertilizer into the overall irrigation system.

As the plants can't draw on soil for nutrients, it is vitally important that you have a fertigation system that allows for the precise delivery of fertilizer and nutrients to your plants. An appropriately timed system that provides for uniform distribution will go a long way towards helping you successfully grow plants. You will want to set up a system that you can calibrate to ensure it is staying consistent with the delivery of nutrients to the plants.

If you want your hydroponic growing system to thrive, you need to understand and adjust the water to fit the needs of your plants at particular parts of their growth cycle. You also need to establish a fertigation system that allows for the precise delivery of fertilizer and necessary nutrients to your plants. With these two systems in place, your hydroponic system should thrive.