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Get Cattle Handling Equipment To Keep Yourself And Your Cattle Safe

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If you are going to have cows, you are going to need to have cattle handling equipment. Your cattle will need to be moved, separated, or sorted out for many reasons. You may need to make sure that mamas and babies go to one area while the rest of your cows go to another area, or you need to sort out the cows that need to have some health maintenance done from those who are in good shape, or you are just moving them to a new pasture. No matter the reason, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment to handle the cattle safely for both you and them. 


One piece of equipment that you might not think to get is something like a paddle or a flag. You can use these attention-getting devices to get the cattle's attention and get them moving. The flags and paddles are generally bright and colorful, and paddles also often come with noisemakers. The color will catch the cow's attention. It's not that they are likely to strike at a particular color. The bright, artificial colors will draw the cow's eye and help get the cattle moving the way you want. The noise on the paddles does the same thing. Shaking noisemakers at the cattle can also scare them and keep them from going in a certain direction. These things are great for moving cattle from one place to another. 

Headgate/Squeeze Chute

These things are basically the same thing. They are used to secure some part of the cow's body so that they can be sorted, processed, or treated. A headgate connects the caw's head. Generally, the cow's head goes through the gate, and then the gate closes. The cow isn't hurt, but it can't move. A squeeze chute is similar, except that the chute squeezes the cow's whole body instead of just its head. The two devices may be used together for maximum safety and security for the animal in the chute. Even when the cow is in the headgate or chute, they must stay as calm as possible because it can be dangerous for everyone involved if the cow gets scared and struggles. 

If you have cattle, you need to have equipment so that you can safely handle them. Cows are much bigger than you are, and if you can't handle them safely, you can very quickly get hurt. 

For more information about cattle sorting equipment, contact a local company.