Gardening Basics: Knowing Your Shovels

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Helpful Tips When Shopping For An Oil Filter For A Tractor

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If you’re looking to keep your tractor working at an optimal rate, the oil that lubricates the motor needs to be clean. That’s what an oil filter can help with. If you’re looking to replace your tractor’s current oil filter, these tips can guide you in the right direction. Assess Reported Longevity A huge determining factor for which oil filter you go with for your tractor is longevity. Just how long can the filter last before it has to be replaced with another one? Read More»

How Do You Get Water To Hard-To-Reach Places?

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There are many uses for water on an active farm or ranch. Often, the problem is how to get the water to the place where it is needed, especially if that place (or places) always require guaranteed water delivery but not all the time. Enter the need for polyethylene pipes which can be coiled up, transported, and then unrolled to get water where it is needed. How Do You Get Pipe Where It Is Needed? Read More»